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Where are The Cocktail Experiment products made?

All of our products are made at our production facility in Baton Rouge, LA.

Where do we source our ingredients from?

We work with national bulk spice vendors to purchase the highest quality herbs and spices in large quantities. This allows us to offer a superior product at an affordable price. We source local produce, juices and sugar from regional farmers and wholesale distributors.


How are the products made?

Our products are made with only the finest, natural ingredients sourced from all over the world. Each batch is hand made with none being more than 3-4 gallons. With over a half-century of experience in the bar industry, these are all of our own personal recipes derived through trial and error from classic recipes.

Mixers & Syrups – The mixers and syrups are brewed in small kettles and then bottled straight from the kettle to ensure sanitation and maximize the shelf life of the product.

Bitters – All of our bitters are steeped in glass for a minimum of 3 weeks before bottling. We steep a high-proof, neutral grain spirit in natural herbs and botanicals procured from all over the world.

What size are the products available in?

Syrups & Craft Mixers – are available in 375 ml (12.7 oz) and 750 ml (25.4 oz) packaging. Gallon jugs are also available on special order through wholesale.

Bitters – are available in 5 and 10 oz packaging. Bulk orders are not taken through wholesale.

Where can I find The Cocktail Experiment for sale retail?

Our products are currently available in select retail stores throughout the state of Louisiana.

Want to see The Cocktail Experiment products available in your local store? Have them contact us through our wholesale form, and we'll make it happen!

Can I purchase the products wholesale?

Absolutely! We do, however, require a valid state issued resale certificate and industry references. Click Here for more information!

How do we ship our products?


Depending on the size of the order we ship via USPS Flat Rate or UPS. All bottles are bubble wrapped and well-packaged to prevent breakage.

Where will we ship our products?


We will ship all over the world! However, shipping discounts applied to orders over $50 are only offered for orders made within the continental U.S.

What is our return policy?

If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, a full refund will be issued within 30 days of purchase.

What is the shelf life of our products?

The syrups and craft mixers have a shelf life of 12 months. The bitters have a shelf life of 3-4 years.

How long will the syrups last after opening?


We use natural preservatives, such as citric acid, in all of our syrups and mixers. If refrigerated after opening, the syrups will last 90 days.  The Sazerac and Old Fashioned mixers will last for 180 days after opening. The Bloody Mary mix should be always refrigerated when not using and will last for 60 days after opening. All of the bitters products will last for 3-4 years after opening and do not need to be refrigerated.



Are your syrups useful outside of cocktails?

Absolutely! Many of our products are our adaptations of classics recipes for cocktails, but they’re delicious in many applications! They make delicious sodas when combined with sparkling waters. Amazing flavored teas can be made by simply adding a small amount to fresh brewed tea. They can be used to create salad dressings, dessert toppings and marinades. The bitters make wonderful additions to any chef's spice cabinet for delicious cuisine.