The Cocktail Experiment launched in the summer of 2016, with a simple mission: Produce the highest quality bitters and syrups for entry-level prices. We knew this was a no-lose way to model The Cocktail Experiment because all great bartenders start at their home bar. And for many of us, when you are new to cocktails, it's not enticing to buy that nicely-packaged, over-priced bottle of whatever it may be simply because it's priced for a professional. Not only that, we noticed fellow home bartender turned off by the flavors available. We saw a need for stripped down, concise flavor profiles, so the new guy can develop his cocktails profiles on his terms. So we set out to make the home bartender's life easier, more straightforward, and a little cheaper meanwhile. We launched in June of 2016, self-distributing and selling through our site and AmazonWe grew on a steady slope until we decided to team up with International Wine & Spirits at the turn of the year. With that, we began 2017 with statewide distribution and a golden opportunity to grow. 

Our owner, Josh Duke, also co-owns Olive or Twist. This is where we honed our knowledge of the cocktail world and all that comes with it. With well over half a century’s worth of collective experience behind the bar, Olive or Twist strives to give Baton Rouge a concept geared toward each guest's preferences. And with over 1,200 unique bottles, and a team of cocktail nerds behind the bar, Olive or Twist is capable of creating craft cocktails catered to you.

Today our goal is simple, produce at high enough quality to be a go-to for the professional bartender, but priced low enough for the home bartender. Never stop experimenting.